The Salon aims to craft a bridge bonding European and Arabic music by connecting renowned Dutch musicians and guests from the Arab world. Each event will host an acclaimed Arab musician who will present his special instrument or m├ętier and elaborate on an aspect of Arabic classical music. For the first event, Palestinian Ahmad Al-Khatib will introduce the Ud (the Arabian lute) and the Arabic tone system (Al-Maqamat).
In the second event, Palestinian percussionist Youssef Hbeisch will focus on the Riq (Arabic tambourine) and the complex Arabic rhythms.
Closing the pre-summer events with the Lebanese singer Rima Khcheich who will depict, by narration and singing, the relationship between Arabic poetry and music.
After the summer,  another three salons will trace the Ottoman music from Turkey, the Persian music from Iran and the Moroccan Gnawa.
With every event a new part of the Arabic musical scene is assembled, creating a broad mosaic, from Morocco to Iran, and anywhere the Arab culture is of great influence.